Will "The Work" of the GIB Tribe Ever Be Finished?

Will "The Work" of the GIB Tribe Ever Be Finished?

Yesterday we talked about ways in which belonging to the GIB tribe can help you to do the work that is particularly yours.

Today we answer the question whether the work of the GIB tribe—namely, bringing and end to the baleful influence of Conservatism—can ever really be finished.

Will the work of the GIB tribe ever be done?

In one sense, the work of the GIB tribe will never come to an end. The pushing aside of Myth-based thinking will be a necessity as long as human beings continue to be susceptible to the irrational impulses of fear. This means that even after breaking the chains of the Myths, the GIB tribe will have to be combatting recurrences of the old fear-based behavior. It is hard to see that the fear responses in human beings will ever fade entirely, so it seems that the tribe’s work will never  be done.

On the other hand, if human beings were to evolve beyond the need for irrational fear, then the Myths would disappear altogether, as morning fog dissipates in the heat of the rising sun. Under those circumstances, the tribe would no longer be a tribe, since everyone would belong to it. How can a non-existent tribe have any work to do?

On Monday, we address the issue of who belongs to the GIB tribe.

Until Monday, then.

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