Who Belongs to the GIB Tribe?

Who Belongs to the GIB Tribe?

On Friday, we found that the work of the GIB (Get It Back) tribe will either never be done, or will be done when human beings evolve past the need for it.

Today we discuss the sort of person who belongs in the GIB tribe.

Who belongs to the GIB tribe?

The members of the GIB tribe are diverse; they come from all racial, socioeconomic, ideological, and social groups. What all its members have in common, though, is this: they realize that the last generation has stolen the future of today’s young people, and they understand something must be done to restore their future to them.

Of course, it only makes sense that the majority of the tribe will be made up of those most directly affected by the theft, namely, people under thirty, whatever their other characteristics might be. But there will also be older people like me, who see clearly what is facing our children and grandchildren, feel terrible about our role in creating it, and want to help in any way we can to atone for our generation’s greed and selfishness.

The GIB tribe will not include the Mythers, quite obviously, since their fear-based thinking is antithetical to the creative drive at the heart of the New Vision. They will not be inclined to join the tribe. Indeed, they will become increasingly hostile to it as it begins to grow, and as their world view becomes increasingly irrelevant.

Tomorrow we will look at the future of the GIB tribe, and in particular the answer to the question, How long will the GIB tribe continue to exist?

Until tomorrow, then.

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