Using the GIB Tribe to Create the New Vision

Using the GIB Tribe to Create the New Vision

Yesterday, we posted a short note on how to connect with the Get It Back tribe (you can go to the tribe’s Facebook page here).

Today we will discuss briefly how being in touch with the tribe will promote the New Vision needed to remove conservative influences from society.

Promoting the goals of the GIB tribe

Staying connected to the tribe will be a constant source of inspiration and ideas for spreading the goals of the tribe. Discussing your ideas with your personal friends, with the tribe members, and with anyone you happen to meet who seems receptive will also go far to disseminate the message of GIB and add members to the tribe. So if you are a good communicator you will certainly have plenty of opportunities to broadcast the tribe’s aims and its philosophy.

But this in itself is not enough. Since one of the main tenets of the New Vision is creative freedom, the message alone—even if it is promoted creatively—is not enough to engender trust in those who need to hear it. In order to promote the tribe’s goals persuasively, you must actively create things that help everyone to live a life that is internally free from fear and limitation. It is only by creating new, useful, and beautiful things that you can encourage others to make more new, useful, and beautiful things. Creating, you inspire others to create.

Communicate and create. Keep up those two activities, and the New Vision will arise as if of its own accord.

Indeed, we could summarize everything we’ve written since the day after the 2012 election in this short imperative sentence: Reject Fear, become a Creator, and Get Your Future Back!
After the weekend, we will spend a couple of days discussing what is probably the most important question in life, the question of how you should spend it. And we will try to show that you must spend it as a creator.

Until Monday, then.

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