The New Vision

The New Vision

For the past two months, ever since the American people made it clear in the last election that they really are starting to turn away from the dead-end morass of conservative stupidity, this blog has been detailing that stupidity. We explained that the conservative world view is dominated by a set of seven Major Myths that are seriously perverted. We considered each Myth in turn, and showed step-by-step how the Myth of Scarcity, the Myth of Self-interest, the Myth of Competition, the Myth of Independence, the Myth of Religion, the Myth of Tradition, and the Myth of Capitalism concoct a toxic brew of delusion, error, and apprehensiveness, whose main ingredient is Fear. And we tried to show how this conservative concoction is poisoning every aspect of life.

As we closed our consideration of the Myth of Capitalism, we noted that the baby boom generation is besotted by the Myth-based liquor, so much so that it is driving the world off a cliff. And we pointed out that this aging generation shows no signs whatsoever of being able to kick its addiction to the thoughtlessly destructive conservative world view.

This means that it is up to the younger generation to take the reins away from their Myth-drugged elders and stop them from destroying the future. But how?

Over the next weeks, we hope to provide some indications about new ways of thinking that might begin to create a new vision, a new world view, that will be so superior to the conservative world view that it will naturally appeal to the younger generation as it strives to make the world safe for them and for their children.

Our first task will be to show that young people need to realign their values away from the force that has dominated the past and toward the only force that can promise a thriving future. The younger generation, that is, must reject Fear and align itself with Creativity.

There is already a growing band of young people who are recognizing the terrific power of Creativity to overturn all limitations and reshape any situation into something vibrant and new. In business, in art, in government, in technology, young people all over the world are beginning to suspect that they have been sold a bill of goods by their parents’ generation. They can see any day on You Tube the ability of an individual to change everything with a creative idea, and they wonder why more of the world’s problems can’t simply be pushed aside by enhanced Creativity.

This suspicion is dead-on accurate. Creativity is the force that the younger generation is going to have to use to shove aside Fear-based conservatism. Through fearless Creativity, young people will be able to solve ancient problems, reverse the damage done by their parents, and start civilization on a new path.

In order to understand what must be done to align with Creativity, we must first understand why Creativity is the powerful force it is, why it counteracts the delusional Fear of the Major Myths, and why it is the natural outgrowth of the transformation toward democracy that the world has been undergoing for the past four or five hundred years.

After the weekend, we will begin to explain these issues. We will start by considering the general direction in which young people must go to initiate the new vision: away from Fear and Limitation, and toward Creativity and Freedom. Or, to put in more concisely, from Production to Creation.

Until Monday, then.

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