The Myth of Capitalism 7

The Myth of Capitalism 7

Yesterday, we saw that Capitalism, because of its intrinsic injustice, cannot be allowed to run free wherever it wants. On the contrary, it must be controlled by a stronger force if it is not to do harm to workers.

Today, we discuss the fact that capitalists, or “job creators” as they are now called, are not at all necessary to live a decent life.

“Job creators” unnecessary

As Abraham Lincoln pointed out in his State of the Union speech from 1861 that we mentioned a few days ago, another aspect of the Myth of Capitalism is the notion that the world needs “job-creators”—otherwise known as capitalists—in order to run. Only people completely deluded by the Myth of Capitalism would see this as a timeless truth.

Anyone who can think back a generation or two, as well as anyone who has visited an undeveloped nation, can easily understand that the truth is quite the opposite. The truth is that real jobs make themselves. No one has to hire anyone else in order for people to grow their own crops, clear their own land, build their own houses, cut their own wood. Nor does anyone need to be hired in order for people to meet in groups, decide to share chores for the sake of the group, and try to make life more pleasant for everyone.

“Job-creators” are not the captains of Capitalism; they are the creatures of it.They come into being whenever someone uses capital to purchase the labor of others, and keeps some of the fruits of the labor he has bought. Once someone agrees to sell the use of himself, he unwittingly empowers the buyer to continue abusing him. If people refused to sell themselves, the capitalist could not exist.

If the world ever moves away from Capitalism, it will also move away from “job-creators,” and perhaps even from jobs. Maybe then we will be able to reconnect with the pleasure of doing something satisfying for a living instead of selling ourselves short.

After the weekend, we will show that the profit motive, which is the prime directive of Capitalism, conflicts vehemently with the Good itself. And anything that does that cannot be very good.

Until Monday, then.

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