The Myth of Capitalism 2

The Myth of Capitalism 2

Yesterday, we introduced the Myth of Capitalism, the belief that Free-market capitalism is an unquestionably beneficial and moral economic system. And we claimed that this belief could not be more mistaken, because Capitalism is inherently immoral.

Today we will show that Capitalism is based on an immoral act that cannot be separated from it, an act of force that make the whole system intrinsically unjust.

Ineradicable immorality of capitalism

Capitalism is fundamentally and ineradicably immoral because it is founded on an act of violence. Force is at the very beginning of Capitalism in a way that cannot be excised without destroying Capitalism itself. What am I talking about?

Consider the very first capitalist act. The worker—that is, a person who has nothing else to sell but his own labor—goes to the marketplace to try to find someone willing to purchase his labor. There he meets the capitalist—that is, a person who has a store of money that he doesn’t need to support himself. The worker names a price for his labor, a price he calculates will feed himself and his family while still providing good value to the capitalist.

The capitalist, however, is not on an even playing field with the worker. The capitalist can support himself, without working, on the money he has accumulated. So he sees that he can afford to offer the worker less money than he requests, because if the worker says No, the capitalist can just scuttle the deal and wait until later.

But the worker cannot wait as long as the capitalist, because he cannot support himself. Eventually he has to give in to the demands of the capitalist. This is a form of force: the capitalist can make the worker do something he doesn’t want to do by making him fear for his survival.

This is the violence at the heart of capitalism. Every capitalist holds a gun to the head of every worker, whether or not he chooses to use it, and whether or not he even realizes it. If he doesn’t use his advantage, he’s not going to make as much profit as he could. So he probably will use it.

The Myth of Capitalism has become so ingrained that most people no longer even realize that the whole system is based on economic force. It has become so widespread that virtually everyone now holds up megacapitalists as role models—precisely because they have mastered an essentially immoral system for amassing profit!

After the weekend, we will continue our consideration of the Myth of Capitalism, and we will see that, although Capitalism is intrinsically unjust, its unjust character can be mitigated by the good works of decent people.

Until Monday, then.

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1. Servius wrote:
Ummm, There's more than one capitalist to bid on the worker's labor. Because of this the wage a person receives will tend towards the actual value he produces for his employer.
Most people have the experience of taking one job as an entry level position be able to command higher and higher wages as he gains experience and skills.

21 March 2013 @ 10:22 PM

2. Marshall wrote:
Ummm. That is part of "the myth of competition" not talked about. Economists simply assume competition over labor will bid the price up to a certain limit. In reality capitalists are not purely competitive. They often cooperative and create monopoly power at the expense of both workers and consumers. The other problem is large corporations can move their production anywhere in the world while workers are far less mobile. Thus "free trade" creates another huge imbalance of power.

26 April 2013 @ 10:43 PM

3. Marshall wrote:
The real reason capitalists do not use their advantage fully and bid down unskilled labor to something below bare subsistence (in the first world at least) is that they fear the political consequences. They know if they do that people will unionize and protest and strike, causing them problems. Avoiding conflict with organized labor is part of their economic calculation.

26 April 2013 @ 10:51 PM

4. Marshall wrote:
I'd also note that your notion that the wage a worker earns is the value he produces for his employer is absurd. His wage is largely inversely proportional to the scarcity of the particular skill he can offer. If his skill is in over-supply, his skill is partially set through political calculation as I described before. This political calculation is the reason wages are "sticky" and don't fall readily during a depression as predicted by silly neoclassical econ101 theory. In either case his wage has little to do with value produced unless you make an absurd contortion that the value produced IS the wage paid by definition. I notice right-wingers doing this all the time but it's fundamentally dishonest.

26 April 2013 @ 11:06 PM

5. Scipio wrote:
Ahem, unless they work for themselves! They could grow their own food, become artists, or start their own businesses. If you say that all these require money in the first place, heck! A decent person would not be so heady as to demand that he would never have to mow lawns or play guitar on the street corner. Even if he needs money, he could work on minimum wage and save. If you say he has a family, he should have started saving before then. I simply do not understand. So the boss is evil because he didn't give the man as much money as he wanted. He gave him money! Wouldn't he be worse off penniless? I would hope that if he's in that bad shape his friends and family would pitch in. You're essentially assuming that everybody with money wants to hurt or ignore everybody who doesn't have money. What about the countless Americans who did work really hard to get where they are? What about Booker T. Washington? What about Abraham Lincoln? George Washington himself didn't start out commander-in-chief. No, sir, it is not that you pity those who have less more than the average capitalist; it is that you would rather rob the hard-working to redistribute to those who have less on the basis of their need rather than their labor. Those who have money now either worked hard to get it or inherited it from somebody who did work hard for it. Absolutely, the poor should be dealt with charitably; but not one of the poor in this country would have been better off working on a collectivist farm in Soviet Russia.

12 July 2016 @ 11:40 AM

6. joshua morell wrote:
capitalism is evil I have witnessed it first hand. When hurt at work nothing helped me to pay my bills my workers comp was denied and the workers comp judge David B. Torry did everything to help the company even disallowing me the right to talk about the medical evidence and the stenography reports were edited in many places or made more sympathetic to the company they even concluded that the injury even with the evidence was just in my head or imagination. I lost everything my house and my wife and child left me as the means of supporting them were gone. in this capitalist system no one helps anyone unless it is equitable to them now I am on social security and can not afford to take care of myself and will eventually end up in a home with all my freedoms taken away and what social security I have taken by the government based home or on the streets where I will be arrested for vagrancy. How is this fair to someone who worked hard owned a house had a woman and a child and things to loose everything, and you can not get social security in a timely fashion so as to prevent loosing everything. the only way to get any help would be from a church or private charity mostly run by the religious establishment which seems to support the banks and economy or the enemy to god's society. The number of times that I have heard preachers and priests say it is god's economy I wonder what god they serve. Jesus or Yeshua seemed more like a socialist not a capitalist, but I have great questions about religion so I will not subordinate to any of the groups that I have meet up with and one of the things that religious run charities mandate in order to help you is that you go to their church and sometimes even ask you in your poverty to give them money that you don't have to spare or gospel for sale which they all seem to keep secret knowledge and understanding to themselves especially the Jews, Christians (Vatican vaults), and the Muslims so I won't subordinate to them and their oftentimes hate filled messages of supremiscy. many churches seem to be just an exstenssion of the monetary system and it's hold over everyone. This could be why they seem to spend many sermons on the tithe and spend so much time on the tithe and not on matters of right or wrong, and most pastors, priests, clerics, and rabbis don't seem to be giving good decernment to their flock but making them totally dependent on them to answer all of life's questions for them. This seems odd to me as they are always talking about the attacks of the devil or the intrusions of the devil on everybody yet they support capitalism. No body can spend time helping anyone in a capitalist system that needs it when they aren't getting paid as then how are the helpful people supposed to live and most mental heath practitioners don't even believe in god or the spiritual and they seem to think everyone that walks through the door needs pills or a therapist somehow. If there really is a devil and demons running rampant on the Earth would not capitalism be a benefit to them and not god restraining people from help and resources while they can't work or function properly. The number of pastures and priests that have said it is god's economy is astounding. Then why does Yashua say blessed are the weak meek and the poor and surely it is harder for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get to heaven. These churches and charities of them all seem to have sold out to capitalism which only ostrasizes the week and less capable members of society those with physical or mental infirmities to what ever degree. I voted for Bernie Sanders but it seems that the election was rigged against him from the beginning as what he said (though he did not go far enough) made sense to me as how are people on social security and disability supposed to live when they have the highest mandatory expenses in life and the lest amount of assets and abilities. 12,000 dollars a year is actually high for someone on disability or social security and yet the average American without high medical bills can't live on 30,000 dollars a year. these people even military vets are treated like the dregs of society and have to beg for help all their life and have no security. They are usually incarcerated in a mental center from mental problems over dealing with the stress of poverty and homelessness or home or jail for vagrancy. Most suffer addiction problems acquired before or after their infirmity or mental illness and can't afford to live or control themselves to live right any more nor can the afford help as rehab is not free or covered for things like smoking cigarettes, of which because of the capitalist system where money rules not right and morality drugs like alcohol and cigarettes are legal and their even thinking about legalizing other drugs because they are profitable. Then these things which are encouraged and discouraged at the same time they tax excessively taking advantage of week personalities and addicted and impressionable people, and don't tell me their fighting a war on drugs when the CIA was caught bringing in drugs from in the contra scandal under Regan and Bush definitely knew it too, as well as politicians are known often times to engage with drug dealing cartels mafia for everything from protection for themselves to prostitution and drugs as well as silencing their rivals which is why so many revolutionaries have been killed. Mobsters and biker gangs seem to own the local police departments and judges along with secret societies and the like. Capitalism is a means of control where no one seems to be held accountable for their behavior as long as they have enough money or connections and immorality for profit is the word of the day. We make products that are junk and fall apart quickly to make more money or planned obsolescence and we rape the resources of the world and create big landfills and junk mounds in the ocean and on land with all the garbage that was designed to be garbage. We make computers and electronics not to the best capability we can but we introduce technology slowly to keep people buying new stuff. They already have computers and technologies the would blow anything in you house or on your phone away. This increases our rape of the land and it's resources sending more junk to the landfills. Don't you believe that our government has way better technology than is available to us so better tech was invented long ago they are just introducing it slowly. You have to have assets to get assets. Try going to a bank as a poor person to get a lone for money to start up a business. They won't give it unless you tell them everything you plan to use it for and you must have assets as collateral. This creates an ever spiraling downward into poverty system for most people. Good ideas and concepts go unheard and unacknowledged. We are wasting our best minds that are going unfunded. What's worse is they are working on things like mind control (drugs and machines) as well as 3D printing cells and transfiguration machines which work off of harmonics and lasers and energy to create living matter and alter it as well as viruses and destructive elements and things like biological weapons. Some tech can be used for good but I don't trust the people in our government or religious corporate or banking institutions to do the right thing with it. Look how the noble lords of old behaved. They could rape your wife or daughter and there was nothing you could do about it now think of some of these people in our institutions with devices that could control the mind and alter the body. Scarry especially when Donald Trump, and Hiliry Clinton are supposedly the best America has to offer both capitalists and con artists proven in word and deed. What happens when they can control the mind or body such as what 3D printing and the transfiguration machine might do? Will this be free for all who need it or only available for a price to the rich? If you don't believe that they are on to these techknologies I have seen the research already and they are further along than anyone might know even using some of it in Iraq such as sonic devices and energy wave devices to scramble the brain. What happens when they have a flashy thing like men in black the movie had and can rape your wife and steal your stuff, rape your daughter or kids and make you forget who they are, or they can use their 3D printer or transfiguration machine to change their appearance so they can't get caught? I don't trust our corporate run greed inspired for sale to the highest bidder poloticians like HIlary Clinton who has a public opinion and a private for sale opinion to use these techknowlogies properly. They lie to us and deceive us all the time and it seems like one big institution the only fight being as to which one of them will rule. If you don't think that they are working on these things look on the internet. Studies on harmonics and 3D printing cells have already been and are being done. What happens when they can build the machine right into their bodies through designs and become like little archangels and do what ever they want to who ever they want and they are working on this in energy fields with tech on everything from how to bend energy and absorb energy from the very air around us as it is all filled with energy. The atomic science is all about finding energy in the atom and Cern is all about this. They know it can be done because of religion they are not atheists they believe that is why they are doing these things and know that they are possible while they try to keep people blind and as non believers but the priests pastures and clerics are guilty of hiding information from their flock and helping the system that gives them control over all the resources and land like capitalism. Many think the people doing this are in league with the devil but the devil already has the power of an archangel he does not need to get it from them they are freelancers without a god. Devils offer gifts. If you don't need their gifts how can they tempt you or control you and play god or the gods such as what they have done. Anyways sorry about getting into religion but it seems that religion and religious institutions even though some preach against what they are doing seem to help keep the status quo and are some of the richest organizations on the planet or salvation for sale and they don't seem to be doing anything to help and when was the last time a priest in one of these wealthy faiths ran for office.

25 October 2016 @ 5:46 PM

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