The Get It Back Tribe vs. The Major Myths

The Get It Back Tribe vs. The Major Myths

Yesterday, we made a short remark on how belonging to a tribe can assist you in your creative activities.

Today, we begin to discuss the specific action of the GIB (Get It Back) Tribe: how it is dedicated to breaking the hold of the Major Myths of Conservatism and set the nation on a course that is aligned with the future, rather than dead set against it.

How the GIB tribe will shrink the influence of the Major Myths

If you want to see a world that will be welcoming to your dreams and to your children’s aspirations, then you will want to join the GIB tribe—because one of its principal aims is to break the hold of the Major Myths of Conservatism and create a New Vision that is free of the curse of fear and open to the infinite potential of human creativity.

The GIB tribe is dedicated to bringing this New Vision into being, an activity that is in itself creative, positive, and empowering. As the New Vision comes into being, the old vision, the fear-based, uncreative view of a world filled with danger, competition, and evil, will begin to vanish—not by conflict or conquest, but simply because the benefits of the New Vision will spread with the growth of the tribe, leaving the old vision little sustenance.

Now the Major Myths of Conservatism may prove impossible to eradicate, since the fear they live on seems hard-wired into human beings. But the GIB Tribe aims to shrink the habitat of the Mythers, until they resemble a species permanently on the verge of extinction: a few examples of it may always be around, but it doesn’t have the vitality to increase its numbers or expand its territory.

Tomorrow, we will explore the way in which the GIB Tribe can help you to do the work that is most suited to be your contribution to the world.

Until tomorrow, then.

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