The Fraudulent Promise of the Major Myths

The Fraudulent Promise of the Major Myths

Yesterday we saw that the Fear underlying all conservative Myths limits our abilities, and makes us uncreative.

Today we discuss how the Myths, which purport to be the solutions to the fears that motivate them, actually only intensify the fears.

The Myths produce disquiet rather than security

The Myths exist because they offer the illusion of escaping from the primary fears. In every case, the Myths try to use fear to overcome fear. For instance, in the Myth of Scarcity, the conclusion is that force must be used in order frighten others into renouncing force. In the Myth of Self-interest, an attitude of selfishness is adopted in order to frighten off anyone who might ask for sacrifice. In the Myth of Religion, fear of God is used to try to prevent people from acting badly.

Since all the Myths were arose in the shadow of fear, they came into being not as creative contributions of free individuals or societies, but as minions, so to speak, of Fear. That is, the world view of the Myths is the world view of Scarcity and Alienation. No wonder so many feel impoverished and limited. As long as we believe and act on the Myths, everything that we produce bears the stamp of Fear, and is not a product of our own creation. Everything that we produce carries the tell-tale traces of “not-enough” and “not-another’s.”

Tomorrow we will see that the elimination of the primary fears is the beginning of Freedom.

Until tomorrow, then.

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