The Force of the Past vs. the Force of the Future

The Force of the Past vs. the Force of the Future

Yesterday we showed that the root of all conservative thought is Fear, and that this pervasive Fear boxes conservatives in, prevents them from being able to see ways of being and doing things that are not based on Fear. To that extent that conservative, Myth-based thinking has infected the world, we are all more or less paralyzed by Fear. The best we can do is continue to spin our wheels, responding fearfully over and over again, even though it either gets us nowhere or digs us into a deeper hole.

Today we indicate what it will take to overcome the pervasive force of Fear: aligning ourselves against Fear and alongside Creativity and its companion, Freedom.

The Force of the past vs. the Force of the future

The Force that has dominated human existence in the past is Fear. All the Major Myths owe their existence, and what passes for their persuasiveness, to Fear, as we have seen.

The Force that will dominate the future is Creativity. It is the natural companion of Freedom, which has been increasing in the world for several centuries now. The time has come to realize that we can no longer both promote Freedom and hold on to Fear. Either we are going to remain fearful creatures and lose our freedom, or we are going to become free beings and lose our fear. Over the next few days we will show why this is so.

As we saw in Chapter yesterday, Creativity and Freedom are correlative. You cannot be creative unless you are free, and you cannot be free unless you are creative. Most people don’t seem to be aware of this connection. This is probably because Fear—through the Myths—controls their thinking. Once you establish fears, you lock yourself into certain behaviors, certain opinions, certain views of the world. Thus locked in, your responses to events are largely determined; you limit yourself to trying to preserve the status quo, which you feel to be your safety zone.

Fear is the lock that keeps Creativity and Freedom in chains.

To break the lock is to give up Fear. And here is the secret connection between Freedom and Creativity: Refusal to submit to Fear opens up new vistas. New suns rise over the horizon. The fearless person can see destinations that fearful people cannot see, and they can set out for those places long before the fearful can even understand that there is a place to go.

This is the real appeal of all those who have blessed humanity with their creative gifts. In at least one area of their lives they became utterly fearless; they set out to attain goals that the more fearful could not even imagine; and they brought into being things that were new, useful, and beautiful.

Creativity is the Force of the future. It is the Force that is going to help you remake the world and get your future back.

Tomorrow we will see that the Fear at the bottom of the Myth of Scarcity and the Myth of Self-interest cripple us in mind and heart, and make it utterly impossible for use to be creative as long as we are in their spell.

Until tomorrow, then.

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