The Creativity-Freedom Cycle and Getting Back the Future

The Creativity-Freedom Cycle and Getting Back the Future

Yesterday, we showed how Creativity releases Freedom, and we ended by pointing out that Creativity and Freedom form two poles, as it were, of a battery. The more Creativity you can express the more Freedom you gain from old restraints (like the Major Myths of Conservatism), and the freer you become, the more creative you can be, which leads to even more Freedom, and so on.

Today we will complete our whole study of the Major Myths, the devastation they create, and the need to be released from their soul-numbing delusions by discussing what happens when the cyclical flow between Creativity and Freedom is broken. And we draw our final conclusion from the common human desire that this cycle continue in perpetuity.

The Creativity-Freedom Cycle and Getting Back the Future

As we said yesterday, Creativity and Freedom are linked together in virtuous cycle of mutual reinforcement. As long as we can keep the cycle going, we continue to learn how to create more effectively, and we continue to grow more free.

If we stop creating, however, the cycle is broken. Debility, degeneration, and death is the result. We’ve all heard the story about the guy who went to work at the factory stamping out molds every day for fifty years. Then he retires and within a month he is dead. Why do such things happen? There are surely many reasons, but one of them may be that the only thing he ever created in his life were those damned molds, and that once that creative activity was gone from his life, his spirit could not carry on without the daily regenerative shot of bringing something, even something so trivial, into the world.

This is certainly not the way any of us want to live. But most of us don’t seem to know that the answer is to maximize our ability to create. Instead of just stamping out molds as your sole creative activity in life, try to live your life so as to be engaged in many creative projects all the time. Then you won’t ever face the bleakness of a life without creativity in it, because you will be a creative dynamo no matter what happens in the external world.

Ultimately, this series of posts has not been just about releasing the hold of the Major Myths on society, and not just about young people getting their future back from the older generation who has been brainwashed to believe the Myths. They have really been about developing the ability in young people to create their own lives, together with an ability to help everyone else do the same. The New Vision is what the world will look like after the young generation has created the new outlook that will push the Myths aside. As an old-timer, I cannot see very clearly what the details of that world will look like. But if the roots of the New Vision are planted anywhere near the notions outlined in this book, the New World will be a place where everyone will have the chance to give birth in freedom to whatever he or she is capable of bringing into the world.

I, for one, cannot imagine a more satisfying life. And the young generation, who was brought here by the older generation, deserve to have that satisfaction, even if their parents have forgotten that it even exists. So let’s get to work.

Now we begin a new series of posts. For the foreseeable future, our daily posts will be highlighting the immorality of Conservatism. As we will say tomorrow, it has been assumed for far too long that Conservatism is a justifiable world view that has something constructive to contribute to human society.

The truth is that Conservatism has almost nothing at all to contribute to society. And this is not just because it is mistaken. Beginning tomorrow we will see that it Conservatism is culpably ignorant—which is to say, immoral—in all its beliefs and prescriptions for human life.

Until tomorrow, then.

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1. wrote:
Everything in our life is divided into cycles, and the notion of what happens to us helps to more accurately assess the situation and find a more advantageous solution to the problem.

13 February 2019 @ 7:12 AM

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