How Long Will the GIB Tribe Contine?

How Long Will the GIB Tribe Contine?

Yesterday, we talked about who belongs to the GIB (Bet It Back) tribe.

Today, we try to answer the question, How long will the GIB tribe last?

How long will the GIB tribe continue to exist?

The tribe will continue to exist until human beings grow out of their need for it. That is, it will continue until everyone pretty much accepts the New Vision that makes all conservative Myths evaporate into the mists of history. Or, to look at it from the perspective of the Myths: it will exist until pretty much everyone has given up on the Myths. At that point, hardly anyone will be outside the tribe, so it will cease to be a tribe. The New Vision will have become nearly universal, except for the small group that cannot adapt and evolve. But that group will no longer have the numbers to impose Myth-based thinking on the rest of humanity.

Since, however, the Myths are deeply entwined with human fear, insecurity, and self-protection, it will be a long time before there is virtually no one outside the tribe. Although processes like this can take some time, you should not let it discourage you if this process moves slowly. This sort of gradual motion is one of the two ways in which human beings develop and grow. An new idea springs up, some people adopt it, spread it, and pass it on to their children. Over time, the idea becomes the new norm. This is, in fact, how the Major Myths became the dominant perspective all over the world. It is also how democratic self-government, the abolition of slavery, and civil rights became the dominant paradigm.

On the other hand, once a tipping point is reached, sometimes these movements can happen quite quickly. I believe that we are quite near a tipping point, and that growing the GIB tribe may well be the event that pushes us over it. Of course, you can’t count on that. So it is best to prepare for the long haul, expecting the work of the tribe to continue for several generations. Then, if it suddenly takes off and moves to its end quickly, we’ll all be wonderfully surprised.

Tomorrow, we will take a look at the tribe’s resources.

Until tomorrow, then.

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