How Do You Find "The Work" For You?

How Do You Find "The Work" For You?

For the past few days, we’ve been discussing how young Americans can change the culture in the nation, change it so that the Myths of Conservatism will stop holding us back from creating a new world. We have suggested that doing the work (an idea we’ve borrowed from Seth Godin) that is your most satisfying activity in life can change the world.

But how do you find the work that is specially yours? That’s what I want to talk about today.

How to find the work for you

There are many ways you can find the work that is most suited to you. It can just hit you like a thunderclap one day. Or it may creep up on you slowly over years, until one day it dawns on you: you actually love the baking that goes into making dinner every day, but you couldn’t see it before because you really hate cooking the rest of the meal. And then you may know that you need to go into baking in a serious way.

Unfortunately, many people never find the work. They get locked into habits and patterns of behavior, co-opted by taking a job early in life and having a family before they are mature enough to have considered who they really are and what activity would make them most happy. How can they find the work that they should be doing?

We have already indicated how this is to be done some days ago when we discussed the link between Creativity and Freedom. You need to be unceasingly creative. In whatever little time you can manage, you need to resist fearful responses, grab onto some new idea, and work with it. The more you do this with different types of ideas—pictorial images, verbal sequences, musical sounds, logical arguments, real or fictional stories, imagined experiences you could bring about, descriptions of sporting events—the greater the likelihood that you will find a creative activity you would gladly do forever if you didn’t have to stop to eat, sleep, and take care of the other necessities of life. That is when you know you have found something that could be the work for you.

Tomorrow we will spend some time on the issue of whether the work that chooses you has to impact the world right away. Sometimes people stop the work if they don’t get the results they expect to see fast enough, and return to a life of being trapped in labor that is not a delight to them.

Until tomorrow, then.

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