How Creativity Releases Freedom

How Creativity Releases Freedom

Yesterday, we began to see why you must be a creator if you are to make the best use of your life, and we got to the point of showing that you already are free, you just need to realize your innate Freedom by abandoning all the Myths that keep us fearful of using our full potential.

Today, we forge the connection between realizing your inner Freedom and becoming a creator. The exercise of Creativity is the key to opening up the natural Freedom that you already possess.

How Creativity Releases Freedom

A reliable indicator of inner limitation is your inability to bring about what you imagine. If you find yourself imagining all sort of new experiences in your life but they never come to pass, then you have a limitation that is preventing you from realizing those experiences. This is no esoteric principle. It’s just common sense. For instance, you imagine playing a wonderful piano recital to a sold-out house that gives you one standing ovation after another, but you cannot bring it about because you don’t know how to play the piano. That is a pretty clear limitation in you that you won't be able to change without a serious amount of work.

The same principle applies to every aim that you can imagine, even it there are external limitations as well. If you imagine living in a new house but it never comes to pass, this points to an inner limitation that is preventing you from getting that house. Yes, there may be a lack of suitable housing, the mortgage market may be tight, and there may be other external limitations. But this means that you don’t have the inner resources to know how to push aside the external limitations and get to your goal. Whatever you want to have, do, or be—the ultimate cause for not possessing the goal is some internal limitation that is preventing you from attaining it.

Creative ability correlates with inner freedom. The fewer your internal limitations, the more you can create in the world. And the more you can create in the world, the fewer are your internal limitations. The inner fires are stoked by actually creating. This reciprocal relationship between the freedom of your inner life and the fecundity of your creative ability is the key to understanding why you must become a creator.

As you leave your limitations behind, as you step away from the Myths, you will become freer internally. This will manifest itself by an increased ability to create things in the external world. By taking the opportunity to actually create the things you now are able to create, you rejuvenate your spirit for the task of freeing you from more internal limitations. This self-regenerating cycle keeps you young, powerfully creative, and as free as a human being can be.

Tomorrow we will conclude this series with a post that will sum up everything that we have said since November 7, 2012 about the disease that is Conservatism and the cure that is Creativity.

Until tomorrow, then.

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1. David Fick wrote:
I've felt this to be true for some time now. For many years I enjoyed a meaningful life as a university lecturer and composer. I had no idea at the time just how good I had it. It wasn't until my eyes were opened to the oppressive reality of unemployment (after I was laid off) that I came to fully gain a sense of how spiritually impoverished non-creative people (and the institutions who "own" them) are. Creativity --not productivity or manufacturing-- is what the world needs more of. It is what distinguishes men from machines.

28 August 2013 @ 3:11 AM

2. custom-college paper wrote:
Creativity is life. Especially music. And in general, music is the best that humanity invented. It gives life meaning. And music is freedom. This I tell you as a musician.

20 February 2019 @ 1:13 PM

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