How a Tribe Magnifies Your Voice

How a Tribe Magnifies Your Voice

On Friday we discussed what it means to join a tribe, and described the main benefits of belonging to one—especially the way it keeps the fire at the heart of the tribe’s interest burning brightly.

Today we will see how a tribe can make your individual voice exponentially louder.

How a tribe magnifies your voice

As part of a tribe’s internal conversation, an individual’s ideas and creative output will be taken up by the others and projected outward as the collective voice of the tribe makes itself felt, both in the virtual world and in the actual world.

This solves the age-old difficulty that discourages many from taking the creator’s path: the world’s lack of interest in the work of the creator. How many profound creations have be lost in the din of history, never to have an impact on anyone simply because they were never noticed? In the common efforts of the tribe, however, creative output is gathered up immediately into the ongoing conversation and collaboration. You start making a difference as soon as you start sharing with the tribe.

It is also true, of course, that a creator needs solitude. Every creative person needs time and quiet to do the work. The writer or the theoretical scientist has to be alone with his thoughts and imagination for the words to pour forth. The inventor has to be alone in his lab trying things out. The individual who wants to create a balanced and worthwhile life needs to be alone to figure out the fairest distribution of responsibility and freedom in their daily activities.

But the product of your creativity, once shared with the tribe, immediately gains comment and begins to circulate through the thoughts of the other members. After all, the entire group belongs together because they share the same interest. So naturally, anything that addresses that interest in any way is going to be taken up and spread throughout the tribe.

And this is the way your voice gets magnified. When the tribe speaks to outsiders, it will speak with a voice is that partly yours, since you have helped to shape the tribe’s attitudes through your creative work. But it will also be a voice that is much louder and more conspicuous than yours alone.

Tomorrow we will make a brief remark on how a tribe helps you to be a creator.

Until tomorrow, then.

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