I'm sorry to inform my readers that this blog will be suspending operations as of today due to an unavoidable emergency.

It is unknown when publishing will begin again.

I hope that in the meantime, my readers will continue to do everything they can to uproot the conservative Myths and the downright stupid notions that are preventing the nation, and indeed the world, from becoming a decent home for decent human beings.

Before I go, I just want to point at the very epitome of stupid conservatism: the Charlie Rose interview with Joe Scarborough and Paul Krugman that everyone is talking about this morning. 

Joe Scarborough knows nothing about economics that isn't a conservative talking point—which is to say, nothing that isn't riddled with the conservative Major Myths we have been denouncing for the past four months. Paul Krugman, on the other hand, has a Nobel Prize in economics.

Stupid, loudmouthed conservatives just love to shout down people who really know what they are talking about. Scarborough would have talked non-stop the whole show if he could have. And when Krugman tries to get in a point about the stupidity of what Scarborough is saying, Scarborough gets all huffy, and pretends that Krugman is the ill-manned one.

The substance? Scarborough: Austerity. Krugman: Investment.

Any business person worth his or her salt knows that the best time to make strategic investment is when the borrowing costs are low. Debt can be managed, even leveraged to make more money in the long run.

But Republicans like Scarborough see only the debt. They have no creative vision, only a simple-minded power of negative extrapolation that looks for disasters just over the horizon.

We cannot afford to listen to people with tiny imaginations any longer. It's killing us as a nation, and the entire human race as well.

Please, readers, become creators, and create the way out of the mess that the Major Myths and their conservative acolytes have brought us to.

Best wishes for the future of the New Vision,

Alfred George

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