Eliminating Primary Fears the Beginning of Freedom

Eliminating Primary Fears the Beginning of Freedom

Yesterday we saw how the Major Myths of Conservatism actually exacerbate the fears that they purport to allay.

Today we will show that eliminating from our thinking the primary fears that produce the Major Myths can set us on the path to freedom.

Elimination of primary fears the beginning of freedom

Truly creative people, the ones who astound us with their apparently effortless and endless production of new, useful, and beautiful creations, all have one important secret. They were either born fearless, or learned to be fearless.

The term fearless tends to conjure up unnecessarily heroic notions. Being fearless doesn’t mean walking through active battlefields casually. It doesn’t mean always and everywhere responding with heedless abandon to dangerous situations.

What it means to be fearless is simply not being controlled by your feeling of fear. It means choosing not to respond in the way the fear wants you to respond. It doesn’t necessarily mean not having the fearful feeling, although it could. Obviously, the person who does not get internally agitated when standing on top of one of the world’s tallest buildings has no problem with being controlled by fear of heights. But the person who has the feeling and ignores it is just as free of fear as the other.

The connection between fearlessness and creativity is this: When you refuse to respond as the fear wants you to respond, you leave many choices open for yourself. Or, to put it the other way around, when you respond as the fear wants you to respond, only one thing can happen—namely, you will pull away. But when you refuse to respond that way, many things can happen. You can just stand still, you can get closer to the problem rather than back away, you can observe the problem minutely, you can go around the problem, or you can simply walk away from it. In short, refusing to react to the fear opens up a new realm of possibilities, all of which are closed off to someone who lets the fear have its way. When you see many possibilities to choose from, creative response is likely. When you see only one, creative response is impossible.

On Monday we will discuss the reciprocal relationship between Creativity and Freedom: that you become freer if you become more creative, and you become more creative if you become freer.

Until Monday, then.

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