Doing "The Work" with the GIB Tribe

Doing "The Work" with the GIB Tribe

Yesterday, we explained how the GIB (Get It Back) tribe is dedicated to promoting the New Vision of society that will extinguish the Major Myths of Conservatism and usher in a creative and cooperative society, a world that will be hospitable rather than hostile to the aspirations of young people.

Today we will discuss how the GIB tribe can help you to do the work that represents your special contribution to the world.

Being part of the GIB tribe can help you to do the work

Being part of the tribe can help you do the work best suited to you in many ways.

First of all, you will find a shared commitment to the same goal among members of the tribe, who will likely spur you on to greater creativity by encouraging your work and giving you ideas for improvement.

Second, being a member of the tribe may inspire you to turn the work of your life in part, or entirely, toward the aims of the tribe. This may give you all sorts of new ideas for using your particular talents in ways that you had not previously imagined.

Third, the other members of the tribe can collaborate with you on your projects, if your work is susceptible to collaboration. This can multiply your voice and your output exponentially. Imagine having who knows how many extra hands, hearts, and minds available to you for a few minutes a day! How much more could you generate than you do now?

Fourth, you may meet people whose own work aligns with yours and form symbiotic relationships. Such connections can be a real shot in the arm for creative people. One person’s idea sparks a responsive idea from the other, which in turn reignites the first person’s thinking, and so on, in a long stream of productive output.

These are just a few benefits that can accrue to the work that is most satisfying for you. I’m sure you will be able to think of many others on your own.

Tomorrow, we will answer the question, Can the work of the the GIB tribe ever be finished?

Until tomorrow, then.

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