Doing "The Work" Is Not a Utopian Dream

Doing "The Work" Is Not a Utopian Dream

Yesterday, we showed that the work does not have to attract widespread attention, nor operate at the genius level in order to change the world.

Many people seem to believe, however, that what we’ve described is some sort of dreaming that can never happen in reality. They think people who talk this way are imagining some sort of non-existent utopia in which everyone achieves all their dreams.

Today we refute this objection, and reveal the true nature of the world as it could be.

Doing the work does not imply utopian fantasies

Nothing we’ve said about doing the work that is most suited to you implies any sort of utopian dream. People of the older generation seem to object almost reflexively. “It just isn’t possible that everyone could be able to do the work that really belongs to them instead of making a living.” Who said anything about not making a living? The suggestion is only that people should make a space in their lives for doing the work, along with their other areas of responsibility. If they find after a time that they want to shift some of their time from other areas to doing the work, they need to rebalance their lives. But no one should imagine that this suggestion is an excuse for shirking responsibilities.

Americans will begin to see the possibility of doing the work when they can see through the Myth-induced prejudice that a responsible person needs to labor excessively just to make enough money to survive. There is no necessity to have so many people toiling all their waking hours at making a living. We could decide that society needs everyone to have some time for doing the work, because their creative activity is far more beneficial to society than any labor than can be remunerated by mere cash. And we could, if we wished, make it a responsibility for every citizen to do some of the necessary chores of society, so that they do their fair share of the work that society needs to get everything done.

If doing the work seems like a worthwhile way to spend part of your life energy, and if you agree that the current state of society doesn’t afford most people the chance to do the work, then you are going to want to play a role in changing the current state of society into a future state that embraces doing the work.

Starting tomorrow, we will begin to discuss a way of joining with others to move the world toward a new future, a future in which more and more people get to do the work, and in which the creative activity of all these people changes society’s fundamental orientation from fearful reactivity to fearless creativity.

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1. admissions for college wrote:
Work is the embodiment of life. Without it, nowhere. If you do not have a job, then no one. Such are the realities of this life. And the better, the better. Everyone wants a good job. Dream job. But usually it's just utopia.

20 February 2019 @ 12:59 PM

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