Does "the Work" Have to "Matter"?

Does "the Work" Have to "Matter"?

Yesterday, we discussed how you can find the work that is your special contribution to the world. But we also pointed out that some people are too anxious to see specific results from the work, and give it up if the results they imagine don’t come soon enough.

Today we will see that the work always produces results that matter—even if they are not what we expect to happen, and therefore appear to us as not mattering.

Does the work have to “matter”?

Many people worry about whether the work that is best for them will “matter,” that is, will make a big difference in the world. This concern derives in part from a misunderstanding of reality promoted by the Myths.

If the world is a place of competition and conflict, in which struggle is required in order to get one’s own selfish way, then of course it makes sense that you will see your life in the context of fighting with others for everything—including recognition, influence, and admiration from others. But if the world is not really that way—what then? How do we see our life activities if cooperation rather than competition is the fundamental reality? If sharing our talents rather than hoarding them is the basis of daily life?

We don’t really know what the world will look like to people who have left the Myths behind, but we can make some educated guesses simply by saying what it won’t look like. And what it won’t look like is what it looks like today.

It will be (and actually is already) impossible for the work NOT to matter. The work is creative, useful, and beautiful. Even if the products of that work do nothing but help you to become a better person in any aspect of life, it will have added that much more to the store of the world’s joy. And that alone is worth doing, even if no one else notices.

But other people will notice. How could they not? As you send more creative ideas into the world, as you send more beautiful and helpful things out, how could people refuse to be attracted to someone who continues to shower them with little (or big) shining stars during their daily life?

Being noticed is nice. It feels good. But even if it doesn’t happen in such a way that you notice your being noticed, there can’t be any doubt that you are being noticed—even if those who are noticing you don’t know it! They may only be aware that their day has been brightened a bit. You may not be aware of their awareness. But it’s a fact, and you can count on it if you keep doing the work.

Tomorrow we will extend this observation a little bit, and ask, Does the work have a time limit?

Until tomorrow, then.

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1. Andrea wrote:
I dont know from my expirience staitlbiy today just means that the butchering each other in a civil war 200 years ago. Anyway staitlbiy is overated - Nothing seems to be happeneing in Tuvalu but i would not want to live there.... :-)

17 November 2013 @ 1:55 PM

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