Creativity for Young Progressives

Creativity for Young Progressives

Since the November election, we have been debunking all the Major Myths of Conservatism, and we have been trying to indicate what liberals and progressives need to do to break free from the culturally ambient influence of the Major Myths.

From the beginning of our project, we have seen that the central force holding together all the conservative Myths is Fear. In the past few days we have shown that the force best suited to overcome Fear is Creativity.

Today we want to make a pivot to a consideration of how liberals and progressives can incorporate the force of creativity into their lives and move the whole nation further and further away from the Fear that motivates Conservatism.

From the beginning, we have noted that the older generation, the baby boom generation, my generation, is hopelessly locked into a battle between the Fear that motivates Conservatism and the Benevolence that animates Liberalism and Progressivism.

It is our opinion that the older generation will never be able to settle their standoff. Too many of them have succumbed to the Major Myths of Conservatism. Too many of them have drunk the Kool-Aid. Too many of them have come to believe that the Myths that keep them bound in fearful blindness actually protect them from their fears. Their contemporaries who are not captives of the Myths can only push back enough to keep the Mythers from overrunning the nation. They balance out the Mythers, for the most part, but cannot push them back into the decidedly minority status they had between the Great Depression and the Republican Revolution.

It will be the great task, therefore, of the younger generation to push Conservatism back into minority status, from where it can no longer block the nation from going forward toward  greater justice, more equality, and exciting progress.

As we move into a new topic in the days ahead, we want to let our readers know that we are now turning our attention mainly to the younger generation, our nation’s great hope for beating back the regressive tide that has risen far higher than is good for America’s political health.

With the younger generation in mind, then, we will close out our consideration of Fear and Creativity, and point out once again that young people will have to take up the sword of Creativity in order to beat back the hordes of the conservative fearful.

So we address these last remarks about Creativity directly to the younger generation:

As we have gone over the Myths that have beset your parents’ generation, we have found repeatedly that there is one element missing from the Myth-laden view of life. That element is Creativity.

Creativity is the force that you will need to master in order to get back the future that has been stolen from you. Creativity is the power that you need to break through the stasis of the Myth-generated world-view. Creativity is the tool that will tear down the walls erected by the Myths and let the light of a new world vision in—a vision in which your opportunities are not limited in the ways that the Myths insist on.

The change from Fear to Creativity is a profound paradigm shift, comparable to acquiring the ability to fly. A creator is not fazed in the slightest by things that a fear-filled person thinks impossible.

It’s time for your generation to become creators, and to do what my generation finds impossible: change the world forever.

Tomorrow we will begin to show how you can use your power of Creativity to make a brand new world that will make Conservatism utterly obsolete.

Until tomorrow, then.

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