Connecting with the GIB Tribe

Connecting with the GIB Tribe

Yesterday, we discussed whether the GIB (Get It Back) tribe has any resources.

Today, we post just a short note about how to connect with the tribe.

Connecting with the GIB Tribe

If you want to become a member of the tribe and stay connected to it, the current starting point is The Get It Back Tribe on Facebook. As the site grows, you will be able to signup there and link to your other favorite social networks. You will also find brief bits of information about the tribe, and, once people get it started, an ongoing conversation by members about their ideas, suggestions, projects, reflections, and conversations generally concerning how to co-create the New Vision.

You can also start your own node by inviting your social-network friends to communicate both with The Get It Back Tribe on Facebook and with you personally about your ideas and their ideas. If everyone who believes in the rightness of creating the New Vision joins the tribe through Facebook and generates a small node of friends independently, there will soon be millions of young people showering creative energy on the tribe’s goals. If each of them devotes just ten to fifteen minutes a day creating parts of the New Vision, that could amount to millions of person-hours each and every day!

This is kind of connected power we need to bring to the tribe’s work in order to turn around the mess that my generation has made of things.

Tomorrow we will discuss what you can do to promote the ideals of the GIB tribe.

Until tomorrow, then.

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1. Kardan wrote:
I love that! I received an email a few days ago after a post on Dull Heartedness vs. Alive and Awake, and was told: I waetnd to let you know that I printed this blog out and intend to speak this declaration over myself continually! This really spoke to my heart. Thanks for sharing the revelation your getting thru your blog. Several times the words you share are timely for my heart! It so so so encouraged me, not just that I have good stuff to say, but that I am hearing god and releasing the right word in its season! Yay God!

16 November 2013 @ 4:22 PM

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